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“Concrete is the cornerstone for building construction and infrastructure that can put future generations on the road toward a sustainable future.”                                                                             Cement Association of Canada 2004

sus•tāin′, v.t.;
  1. to maintain; keep in existence; keep going; prolong;

Sustainability means meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”
- The World Commission on Environment and Development

We believe…

  • We should ACT to protect our children’s health and future through environmental stewardship.
  • You will ACT and do the right thing when given trustworthy information.
  • People appreciate a company that provides a framework for sustainability, many options and the freedom to choose the options that work best for them.
  • People want an option to environmental degradation that provides a sustainable, practical solution.


Coming to terms with our “footprint” and “global interconnection” is a first step in moving toward sustainability. Our objectives are to:

  • Present information in truthful, practical ways to enlighten decision-making and social change;
  • Create designs, products and relationships between urban systems and the natural world;
  • Inspire others through creative, positive visions of sustainable lifestyles and societies;
  • Share ideas with partners and propose new approaches to shifting consumption and production patterns;
  • Advance Georgia as a leader in sustainable development; and
  • Influence political decision-making and policy development by bridging policy, science, practicality and sustainability.

Building Sustainably

Sustainable construction aims to limit the environmental and human impact of construction while guaranteeing the highest quality in terms of aesthetics, durability and strength. Sustainable construction takes into account the complete lifecycle of a building, from the choice of initial materials to demolition and recycling. Only one-eighth of the consumption of energy in the life of a building comes from the production of the building materials.

Sustainable construction means:

  • reducing the negative impact of building sites to benefit both workers and nearby residents (noise, dust, repetitive tasks, etc);
  • integrating renewable energy sources at the design stage;
  • using recyclable materials during construction to preserve natural resources;
  • improving the thermal inertia of buildings to reduce heating and air-conditioning costs as well as CO2 emissions;
  • controlling the aging of constructions;
  • recycling materials and structures after demolition.

The Bottom Line

No one exists in a vacuum. Our choices, behaviors and attitudes have far-reaching ripple effects throughout the world…today, and into future generations. If we desire the standard of living we currently enjoy to pass to our children, then informed, enlightened and sustainable choices are paramount.

We look forward to sharing the experiences of our customers who are reducing their carbon footprint by eliminating unnecessary concrete removal and instead enhancing, extending and transforming the life of existing concrete.

It is our goal to engage each other as Earth’s stewards in an on-going dialogue to advance living equitably within Earth’s ecological reserve.

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